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July 21, 2004


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Ward Bell

BTW, you never did answer my question down in the original Mosely Braun item: what did she have to say and is she a threat that someone would bother to try to suppress her? Check out the original questions; they were better stated but this is the drift.

Lester Spence

I didn't answer your questions because I didn't really understand them. I think I understand them better now. She didn't have much to say, and SHE isn't a threat. But given that she was a part of a larger group of African American political elites, I think this is arguably part of a larger strategy designed to intimidate and demobilize black voters.

Ward Bell

I was wondering if, during her truncated talk, she mentioned Aristede and what continuing role she is playing in his saga? I've been trying to understand how that particular battle plays in her possible return to the "AA political elites?"

I'm not sure I see some connecting dots: why would anyone waste their opportunity on someone who is not a threat? And if such a cabal is operating, what might be their targets? On the national level? Local level? You would think you'd hear more in Illinois -- at least more than a group trying to recruit Ditka? You would think that a Black Democrat Senator would be a huge target?

Lester Spence

She didn't mention him while I was there, but I made it there late. I figure she's angling for an ambassadorship at best. Because of how she is perceived (accurately imo) to have BLOWN her chance this is the best she can do. Unfortunate in one sense because she has skills, but hell...I believe in anti-role models.

But note that the bomb threat had an impact on the event itself--an event designed to help coordinate activity among black political elites. I don't know if you recall, but Saint Louis and Kansas City both had observed examples of vote suppression. In as much as mobilization is a centralized and organized endeavor, any successful attempt to prevent meetings from occurring or finishing can have an impact on the efficiency of voter mobilization efforts.

"You'd hear more...."

Well, the only reason you heard something in THIS case is because I was at the meeting. There was no press coverage of the bomb threat at all.

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