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July 20, 2004


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Ward Bell

What sort of policies should these young organizers focus on? National policies or local ones?

I think that the answer is obvious: the local ones. I cannot see these young organizers forming the coalitions required to really impact national political policy.

What strikes my cynical mind is this: dumping Bush is a real possibility and nothing breeds success like success. So, get out the vote and be a part of the changing of the guard, but focus the emerging organizations and groups on local policies -- the ones they can really impact and control.

[Think about it: what policy changes will be attributed to our votes?]

Change is not going to come from the top down; change is going to happen from the bottom up.

Lester Spence

what these folks are doing is fighting on the local level for various referenda, and then fighting at the national level. i rode the airplane back with an activist from manchester, new hampshire. she's working to keep a corporation from taking like 310,000 gallons of water/day from the new hampshire area. at the same time though she's registering and educating voters.

i don't want to jinx anything, but i think this is the closest thing to sncc i've ever seen.

that's right, you are in minnesota right? if you are really interested you should talk to mattie weiss and toki...a couple of organizers up in minnesota. if i remember correctly, they've got a high schooler too....not even old enough to vote yet.

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