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February 23, 2005


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Lester Spence

i know one black and conservative political scientist. she doesn't have the chops to write a solid analysis of social security. i am familiar with two conservative economists. neither of THEM have the chops to write a solid analysis on social security that doesn't reek with ideology. i've asked this question before--when was the last time (if ever) that thomas sowell published in a mainstream economics JOURNAL?

when i first read this i thought the blackprogress folks were being sarcastic. i'm still not sure they aren't.


If not sarcastic, it's *cynical* as hell..,

With "liberal" in quotation marks, and thoughts of seizing the mantle of leadership, this euro-afro-trash jump at appeasement and attention garnering in the DEmand patronage space of so-called leadership, rather than the COmand constituent-supported leadership space - is tiresome..,

Errbody wants to be a vintner, but nobody wants to do the hard Work of tilling the soil, growing the grapes, etc.., Dr. Isimbabi knows full well - or he ought to know - what kind of product he's offering as he tries to sell his wine before its time..,


"In general Black conservatives have not defined themselves in a positive manner. Too many have been reflexive "me-too" conservatives, merely echoing the views and opinions of established white conservatives and their stands against affirmative action, set-asides, and the welfare system?It is important for Black conservatives to offer positive alternatives to be originators of ideas that go beyond the bi-polar debates of the left and the right ... that Black conservatives should be less concerned about what they call themselves, but rather, be concerned how their actions define them in the eyes of everyday people, particularly their own people."

I'm channelling Woodson?

No "Conservative Black think tank"?

What happened to Headway Magazine? Flush, down the tubes.

Maybe someone should hit up Scaife for some cash.

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