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April 20, 2005


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Lester Spence

The only people buying into the sham are black neoconservatives. No one else is thinking much about it.

What do vouchers have to do with the dwindling support of the NAACP? Given that the NAACP has always been a middle to upper class group, it makes more sense to say that the naacp has outlived its usefulness for a significant part of their target market. Their target market probably don't live in central cities anyway--they wouldn't need vouchers even if they supported them.


I was just thinking that the age of NAACP leaders and their institutional memory, is more likely the reason why they don't support vouchers, vs. the "support of teachers unions" sham.

Oh, and I strongly disagree with the idea that only Black neoconservatives are buying into it.

Lester Spence

Their age, their teaching backgrounds, vouchers not being shown to really work, all play a role.

On the second point it isn't about agreeing vs. disagreeing fopr me. It's about what the data says. The only ones routinely mapping black life onto ideology are the black conservatives.



I just read this post again. The first time, I focused on your comments re: the NAACP. This time, I hit on the notion that the tension between Black liberals and conservatives is a sham into which the community has been suckered - hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, yadda yadda yadda.

You're right - but this is just one of many dichotomies in which Black folk choose sides to our collective detriment. We have not placed our experience/priorities/solutions at the center of the discourse and given that, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. The "game" between played by prominent blacks Dems and Reps is hardly worth watching.


By the way, I would argue that wisdom is learning from and living from mistakes you have not made. Experience, not wisdom, teaches us to learn that touching a hot stove is a bad idea. If you've given up booze after kidney and liver surgery, you're not wise...if you drink in moderation and exercise self-control - learning from the obvious folly of others, you are wise.

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