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May 30, 2005


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"Here's why Farrakhan is presently being given the anti-semitic bum's rush..."

Thanks for the link...I would say, however, that there is no "presently" dimension to this...in fact, Garvey talks about this group in his "Message to the People." He is succinct and clear. About the only thing that Blacks and Jews have in common is the use of "moral suasion." Of course it does not work as well for us, since this is our only lever. Imagine if the financial imperative of reparations for Blacks supplanted the discourse and dole of annual support for Israel. In many respects, it is essential for Israel that Blacks never embrace a nationalist position - particularly as it relates to the demand for compensation and the promotion of an economic agenda for the Caribbean and Africa.

Euro-US-Israeli Jew nationalism is antithetical to, and diametrically opposed to, Black nationalism (and or cultural/economic collaboration), Palestinian nationalism, Pan-Africanism, Pan-Arabism or Pan-Islamism. It is also antithetical to white supremacism (to the extent that white includes Christianity - which it clearly does for American reddest necks - and bluest bloods).

It was interesting to note that Min. Farrakhan referenced Waco as a counterpoint to legitmizing arguments for invading Iraq (specifically, that most nations kill their citizens.) Waco and Ruby Ridge are raised by OWSOs (overt white supremacist organizations, heavy on the dogma, light on the mayonnaise and freedom fries)are proof of the non-WASP leadership of government.

No one needs to tell rednecks in Texas that there isn't a goombah cop alive in Bensonhurst, Howard Beach or elsewhere who even dares have wet dreams of storming into a synagogue on Eastern Parkway or Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn. Yet, Min. Farrakhan knows that paisan Giuliani led NYC cops into an NOI Harlem mosque damn near five minutes after his inauguration. The FOI, in true form, bounced the cops down the stairs, but arrests were made. Bloomberg and others of his ilk can rest easy knowing that gun-toting Lubavitchers and Satmars have little to fear from the police. So, we all know the dilly!

Jerome  Mccants

Minster Farrakhan keep their hands to the fire, dont let the neocons get away with nothing. Bro. Min. youre doing good , we just need to close ranks with you and handle our business. Thank You Jerome Mccants Newark New Jersey

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