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June 03, 2005


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LKS well said I'm still piss because the Piston bolted from Detroit


This is it Detroit vs San antonio;I'm going with Duncan and company only because as LKS eluded Rashhed does not have the passion to go to work every time out.


Maybe its CBill! It seems to me like Chauncey is the straw that stirs the drink in Detroit...I used to think it was Rasheed, but believe it or not, his overall contribution to the team is consistent(not necessarily captured by points scored or shots taken). He usually scores two or three big buckets in each quarter, plays stellar defense, rebounds, passes and keeps the offense flowing by feeding the perimeter and cutters through the lane.

Billups, on the other hand, is often dominant during the turning points of key games. He is bigger than just about every point in the league. He is also stronger. He is the best outside shooter on the team and a formidable low-post offensive player. His lapses in concentration and execution have typically led to the Pistons playing close games. When his FLOOR GAME is tight (not just points scored and shots taken), you can almost forget about beating this team - principally because your point guard is going to be in foul trouble and your bigs may also be riding the pine because of C.Bills creativity on the box.

I think Rip needs to borrow a little (very little) from Ray Allen...if he was occasionally willing to jack up (and make) the 23 footer, he would open up even more of the floor for himself than those numerous screens. After all, Reggie Miller wrote the book on this and the opposition's greatest fear with him was not a 23 point game on 9-14 shooting - it was a 37 or 45 point game that included points from all over the floor. I think Rip is the best suited player in the league to find that happy medium between the "extra" points behind the arc and the core of the mid-range jumper. I hope that is the next evolution in his game. If he can do this and remain paired with Billups, you can roll out the jewelry.

Lester Spence

As usual your comments, plus the game last night, has me thinking a bit more. Rasheed was a'ight...but CBill came to play (notice how he sounds a LOT like Webber when he talks?). More important though was the OTHER Wallace. It'd been like four or five games since Big Ben performed like we expect him too--more than ten rebounds, between 8 to 12 points, defensive harasser. When Ben came to play on the defensive end it was like everything opened up for the Pistons, and closed down for SA.

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