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June 11, 2005


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Lester Spence

Maybe once every few generations the idea of what real politics entails--down and dirty organizing, contentious debates even with allies, significant cost--comes to the fore. In the best case we get outcomes like The New Deal, The Great Society, or the Civil Rights legislation. In the worse case we get...everything else.

I wasn't present during much of Vietnam...and when I was present I wasn't quite awake (having been born in 69).

But it seems to me that even those who believe fervently in subjugating the darker peoples in Iraq have no clue about what it takes. It is the equivalent of the Millions More Movement for people who already run the world.


It's both unsettling and somehow reassuring to see this process unfold. Unsettling for all the obvious reasons, beginning with our comparative immunity (blackness) to the disease gripping automatized Murkan minds into the absurd justifications accepted by these minds for this misadventure.

It is reassuring in the sense that it illustrates in no uncertain terms just how completely there is no mastermind calling the shots on behalf of the beast. Despite the mind-boggling thanatechnology industrially implemented by Murkan M0 in support of its hegemonic impulses, it is a fundamentally mislead and unconscious antagonist..,

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