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July 12, 2005


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(forget about miami)...

Why do you say so? My brother-in-law showed me different when I was there last week for a little RnR. The Cubans are flush with $$$ and political influence and just waiting for Castro to die. Given the sea floor seismology off the Cuban coast, it seems to me that that's an alliance we need to forge by any means necessary.

Today, one of my best connected and most influential friends took me to lunch and we discussed this very issue. This brother stated in no uncertain terms that it is in our best interest to forge these alliances and that the primary sticking point at this juncture is old heads and afrosticrats who are miffed about us becoming the third most populous group in America.

He went on to say that it would be best for black political interests if a lot of the old heads bottle-necking positions of influence and resting on laurels of what they did 30-40 years ago would simply die, since they're not about to move aside and since they're a distraction from the local organizing we need to busy ourselves with.

Of course there's nothing preventing intrepid young head individuals of good faith from crossing the perceived afro-latino political divide errday in their local building and organizing activities.


Rapid establishment of food security and stability in the hood is something we could collaborate on with a quickness and realize a rapid material and political return on investment - thinking once again along the lines of the type of practical local organizing and effort we need to busy ourselves with.


Hey, I would caution one to seriously look closer than what a weekend of RnR would reveal. The Cubans in Miami look, overwhelmingly, to Spain for their lineage---and, they are open and adamant about it. They are staunchly Republican (from all of the blue Bush signs that litter so many lawns down there) and fervently believe in the Batista-esque priviledge of themselves over the Afro-Cuban and African-American.

Thus, I can not say that I was surprised to learn that when most of the few Afro-Cubans who make it to shore do so, they head straight for the African-American 'hood. And, some of the Afro-Cubans I met couldn't speak a lick of English.
My Spanish over a year's time had improved to where we could somewhat converse. They laughed at the notion of living somewhere like Southwest or even Hialeah because their so-called countrymen were so unfriendly and overtly hostile (read: avowedly racist). Think about it: none of the pro basebal-playing Afro-Cubans have anything clearly discernable going on that is empowering any Afro-Cubans that I could see. I think I only saw one AfroCuban with a little juice and he was simply hosting parties or something at the Hotel Delano, which a lot of Black folk frequent (You know about the Royal Palm).

Think about it: What do the Cubans have to gain by forging any alliances with Black folk? They have a ton of cheap labor from Mexico and other South American countries. Additionally, it is commonly understood to the average citizen there that there are tons of dope money flowing unimpeded into the States.

The Cubans control city government and regularly put the screws to the Black Grove and South Miami. They have a serious anglicization program that phenotypically involves plenty of peroxide and plastic surgery and politically, well, simply see above. I would ask that anyone seriously: what do Cubans have to gain? They are not disaffected. They are not underrepresented. They are not hurting in the least, as they are not shut out of any of the economic, political or social institutions. Because they run away from all things African, AfroCuban (except for Santeria, really just Catholicism) as they gleefully assimilate into the larger society, they do not feel marginalized in the least. Most have no intentions on leaving (Paraiso[paradise], Havana North) Miami, anyway.

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