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July 14, 2005


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I can't imagine why any black conservative would have anything to do with the Southernstrategarian Party. But then, I can't imagine why any conservative or libertarian would be in it, or indeed anybody who wasn't a millionaire.


Speaking for myself, and posterity, I have every intention on becoming a millionaire and I called myself college material long before I went to college. So if the Republican party is the party of millionaires should you not call yourself a Republican until you actually get your first million? I don't see why not, especially since getting into the Republican Party is free.


As my grandfather would have said, you may put a kitten in an oven, Cobb, but that doesn't make it a biscuit.



It's not how much dog is in the fight, but how much fight is in the dog.


True, but there is no dog.

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