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July 20, 2005


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thanks for the link...i'm through the first hour...i bet the minister's words are on the noi web site.


nah man..., I think they had some serious technical difficulties with the webcast on sunday - so it looks like stuff is backed up a week or more.

Lester Spence

the last two speakers had me...until the end. how can you say you're about 21st century organizing when all you can come up with when asked what is the defining issue that brings us all together...you say "we are family"?


What were you expecting?? a restatement of our economic/political condition?? to be honest, i think that's always been his fundamental point - it's the bottom line in his book about restoring Ma'at...

it may be simplistic, but it needs to be - when you are among the converted - as he clearly was...in different rooms, the tenor, tone and texture of the discussion is different - and these guys can drop the 'science' when needed.

on a broader level - why should a request by T'Shaka or Nobles for citizenship be heard, let alone honored unless there is some recognition that africans cannot count on the assistance of other groups and that we need to do more to collaborate with one another. that's what my chapter 8 is about...


the last two speakers had me...until the end.

My DVR was full, I couldn't dump it to my laptop quickly enough, and T'Shaka had about 5 minutes left in his remarks. Further salient elaboration on this point didn't really happen during those 5 minutes.

My buddy Anthony Jappa passed me a note which was verbatim what you noted Spence. Of all the speakers, in my opinion Leon Dixon Jr. had the most to say, but my impression was that his peeers didn't feel him very strongly.

In the context of the national organization, it is Mr. Dixon and Ajamu Webster whose Kansas City chapter of NBUF has engendered the organization's primary tangible value-add, high-speed community Internet access and a proven math, science, and technology curriculum refined in the crucible of black pedagogy for 30 years.

In 25 words or less, here the dilly;

If NBUF can't productize economically valuable knowledge and skill to provide real economic opportunity to young people - it will die when its grey-haired leadership dies.

The trick will be getting the leadership of all the chapters to buy into and fully support the Telehub and Technology approach. It's not the sweet spot for the overwhelming majority of the leadership...,

Lester Spence

I don't think they will get it. Their organization--and they aren't alone here--is truly caught up in the sixties. The NAACP is caught up in the fifties. The NOI is caught up in the fifties. And even though NBUF is comparatively small, they are still too large to embrace radical change without a struggle.

What is needed is either a strong sense of competition (allocate resources based on the ability to recruit youth)...or some type of, I hesistate to say "coup" but this is the best word I can think of with limited time. And in the absence of such a coup what we are really talking about is the creation of a new organization. Or perhaps taking something like The Algebra Project and adding a component or two?


No coup required mayne. That the old heads don't feel it is not the same as that they intentionally block it.

The beauty of NBUF is its decentralized and totally cellular organizational structure. If we simply redirect our local self-org efforts and mutate into an enhanced and hybridized something different with folks at the Algebra Project, then that's our perogative.

Spence, will you have your people call my people or vice versa? LOL!!!



Your post got me to thinking about "operational unity." My first post to you was that in a room full of the converted, it might not be necessary to lay everything out...In this instance, I think there could be some value there.

I don't believe the basis for our collaboration is that we are family - especially in the bio-illogical sense. To that end, I would submit that the core principle of the Nguzo Saba is not unity, but self-determination because this principle gets to the heart of human existence - choice...

Choice is a logical by-product of consciousness...consciousness in its most literal sense is a state of differentiated existence...we are aware - this of course, brings me back to one of nulan's post's about dreaming and the waking state - very Medu Netcher Vol. I. Of course we have trouble differentiating from the conscious and unconscious realms - our subconscious doesn't even bother - which means it is programmable.

To that extent that we programmable, our cultural default program has been hacked and jacked. The issue, however, is that in many respects you can write over the base system, but you can't actually erase the program - so a great deal of effort must be expended to shift the human practice away from the self.

Given this, it must be our CHOICES that define our unity - just as we choose friends, but not family - we choose what we believe and how we choose to wage war and frame piece. Kujichagulia is all about the choices and the right of a people to define themselves and their world. To the extent that a people define and live in light of their own interests, they are "free." We recognize the distinction between individual and collective freedom - we also understand the distinction between what people say and what people do.

The critical mass is all that is needed...the unity of all is neither necessary nor sufficient.


Of course we have trouble differentiating from the conscious and unconscious realms - our subconscious doesn't even bother - which means it is programmable.

I saw a program the other night about Madame CJ Walker. In it, these two elderly Walker agent women from Indianapolis protested vehemently that no aspect of the Walker aesthetic programme was intended to make black women look white, rather, it was about looking beautiful...,

Most often my Work consists of the struggle to sublimate immense resentment for people who fail to Work with what is termed subconscious -because in so doing - these people fail not only to complete their own development, which is the fundamental responsibility of every being daring to claim itself conscious - they also mechanically subject not only themselves - but every other duppy with whom they interact - to the most pernicious, ridiculous, and obvious memetic infections. case in point, the two little lily-whitened old women from Indianapolis vehemently denying the obvious written all over their lyed, dyed, and fryed heads and faces!

It's the equivalent of putting a virus and trojan laden machine on a network and then opening it up to the same. If you've ever experienced trying to contain a bad maldata outbreak on a LAN, then you know by analogy precisely whereof I speak.

To that extent that we programmable, our cultural default program has been hacked and jacked.

Every single time I hear freedom mouthed by neocon overduppies violently seeking to force global imposition of their dopamine addicted hegemony (DAH) - and all the apparatus of subconscious programming and control which that entails on the rest of the non anglo-american world - the tragic irony of it all presents me with the choice of laughing or crying.

To the extent I'm able to do the former, my own Work can proceed, to the extent that I give in to the latter, the urge to reach out and manipulate other people's machines becomes very very strong indeed.


Last night I was watching the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The story was about two families in SoCal...one Samoan (Leomili), one black (Higgins). The families had known one another for years. Within the span of two months, both parents in the Higgins family died and five children ranging in age from 13 to 20 were facing some difficult choices. The Leomiti family took all five children into their home and made many sacrifices to keep the group together. With three children of their own and a grandmother, the Leomitis did not have it easy.

11 folks in one single story home in LA. It was tight. The Extreme Makeover group transformed the old house into a 3three-story energy efficient place with sufficient space for important things like sharing meals at a single table, expanded living spaces and rooms (always designed to encourage the aspirations of the children).

The point of this story was that the father of the Leomiti family said he knew he did the right thing - and didn't hesitate to do it because "we are family."

Family is still about our choices. We have relatives with whom we are close and those with whom we are distant...our bonds of our own design and we have the power to change them into things of beauty or pain - we are the architects of our world. to my mind, that is the embodiment of kujichagulia...

ultimately, unity that is "restricted" to a view of the black family will not work because our resurrection as a self-determined people will attract the world...we would be foolish to close the door because our success will be one of the most beautiful invitations the world has seen. we are all more or less united, anyway. the problem is not our unity, it's our operations and our operations should be driven by the need for self-determination, rather than the need to instill a false sense of unity - along lines of biology or ideology or anything else...the notion that we are family and the body of practices which result from this notion are fundamental to our basic human reality: choice.

and if we do it this way, the leomiti-higgins way, we may have some fun along the way. even the heaviest load is lighter with a smile.

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