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July 05, 2005


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Novak's got lengthy history and immunity.


Indeed, Novak's absence from the hot seat is indicative of a whitewash of this whole affair by this administration. Interestingly, he received one of the very first passes, if you will, from Joseph Wilson, himself, who--on either Face the Nation or Meet the Press--stated that he ran into Novak on the street shortly after Novak had outed his wife, the mother of their twin five year old baby girls. When Mr. Wilson mentioned to the shocked interviewer that he actually ran into Bob Novak on the street, he was visibly shaking with a seething rage. The interviewer was shocked for one reason and one reason only, I contend. It seems that the interviewer expected a different outcome than just words being exchanged. I must admit that in my fit of disgust at Mr. Wilson's choice to deploy words or the glaring evil eye or whatever, I actually forgot what his response was. I found my mind drifting back to Julian Bond's comment (that landed the NAACP in some trouble) in which he stated in a speech that, "The Democrats are spineless while the Republicans are ruthless."

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