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July 10, 2005


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What's the big deal? They always get an advance warning. I can't recall the last time they found out about something at the same time as the rest of the world. I mean, what do you think that $5b/year is supposed to be paying for? McDonald's, desert real estate?


Oops, I thought they were getting a $200 Billion infusion of cash for the McDonalds and desert realestate with mineral rights..., oh, and a burn rate of $5B/+ per month for what did Rumsfeld say, another 8-10-12 years?


You don't get to split off of the Catholic Church and declare other Catholics to be in league with the infidel. That would make them Protestants. Unless the Pope blessed the Catholic 'insurgents', they weren't Catholics under doctrine.


We rarely, if ever, called the IRA bombings "Catholic" terrorism because we knew enough to realise that this was not essentially a religious campaign. Indeed, like the Irish republican movement, many fundamentalist movements worldwide are simply new forms of nationalism in a highly unorthodox religious guise. This is obviously the case with Zionist fundamentalism in Israel and the fervently patriotic Christian right in the US.

In the Muslim world, too, where the European nationalist ideology has always seemed an alien import, fundamentalisms are often more about a search for social identity and national self-definition than religion. They represent a widespread desire to return to the roots of the culture, before it was invaded and weakened by the colonial powers.

The label of Catholic Terror was never used about the IRA

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