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August 03, 2005


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Dell Gines

Word, don't forget Antoine Walker.

Starting Line Up - Shaq, Wade, Walker, Williams, Haslem...

That is serious business, particularly since the only pieces they lost were Eddie Jones, and probably Damon Jones. They are still stuck without a reliable outside shooter, which could be a problem come playoffs.

The Lakers will be Ok, just not in the next two years. They have to clear cap space, and bring in some players who can run the triangle. Remember, Jordan only really had Pippen, and a good powerforward (Grant, Rodman) when he was doing all that damage. So if they can get some solid role players, and a decent big man they will be OK.


"If ever there was a group out to win a championship and build bridges to lock the lakers out, here it is...Miami, assuming that shaq and wade don't get injured will have White Chocolate (back home in Florida) dropping dimes to d-wade, 'toine and shaq...ya gotta be kidding...if they're healthy, it's a wrap."

I didn't forget antoine...he's the cornerstone of the trade - and the assumption is that he will be a more reliable shooter because his shots will be uncontested. everyone's a better shooter with shaq on the floor...jwill will shoot a higher percentage and so will posey.

as for the lakers, the idea of bryant and odom morphing into jordan and pippen is unlikely. it is not impossible, and there are no physical or coaching barriers to this progression, but they will have to form a true on court synergy to get it done...and kobe will have to defer to the system - which, if any "press reports" are to be believed would run smack in the face of his desire to boot shaq...namely to rebuild the lakers in his own image...if he does win, running the triangle, one might argue that his legacy will be diminished because he becomes a junior jordan running the same offense with the same coach and the same type of running mate. still, a win's a win and I would argue that without some quality bigs, they can pack it up.

health permitting, the lakers will have to go through San Antonio, Miami, Indiana or Detroit to get a ring for the next four or five years. they'll really need to attract some talent in '07 to get over that hump because Kobe is not going to dominate Miami (read significantly outplay D. Wade), Detroit (read run amok on Tayshaun), San Antonio (read negate Ginobli's points)...nor can he expected to totally dominate a guy as talented as Artest...so, there are tons of roadblocks ahead - and this assumes that the Nets (with the addition of Shareef - reuniting with Kidd), the Rockets (growing together), the Nuggets (formidable front line), the SUNS (Amare and the crew) and the Mavericks, Kings and Sonics won't emerge as the dominant teams...

the lakers violated one of the cardinal rules in hoops...they traded a big man and didn't get anything close to fair value and they lack adequate building blocks to restore their legacy...they will be competitive, but they will be outmanned and they will softer in the middle than a boston creme doughnut...i see them getting punked on the boards in the second half of games, i see the offense stalling for stretches when Kobe gets fatigued, i see shooting percentages plummeting...i see dead people. just kidding, but seriously, i think they have a tough road ahead, unless they turn the tables when they get cap room - it's still a desirable place to play.


These Heat moves have to have the rest of the league sayin' "Damn!" This from a team, that if healthy, should have claimed this past Championship---and I am a Detroiter and die-hard Piston fan. Let's see, the Vortex in the middle commands his usual double or triple team, which essentially leaves JWill to penetrate at Will with 'Toine getting whatever shot he wants---and DWade wreakin' pure 'd' havoc. Look for him to do his LBird impersonation by luring his defender outside with the deep shot. And him drivin' by 'em when they go out to check him---and they will have to go out. Oh, the absolutely freaky stuff we'll see with JWill on the break with 'Toine and DWade on the wing doin' their thangs---and with the Diesel bringin' up the rear? What?!?!? This team on paper just doesn't seem fair, if they congeal the way some believe they can.

Yeah, it's safe to eulogize Dr. Buss' basketball wisdom because it surely left the building when Shaq vacated the Staples Center. In fact, look for the Clippers to once again finish with a better record, even though--surely--Chris Mihm will continue to strike fear in the hearts of all of those western conference centers.

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