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August 05, 2005


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Economics is the key.

Most Blacks rely on student loans and grants to attend school.


Highlights of the Times article include the contrast of endowments between TSU and Rice (home of the Baker Institute (named for James A. Baker III, my fellow HS alum). Rice has a $3 billion endowment...TSU has a $6 million endowment. Arguably, it's an apples and oranges conversation that goes far beyond "black and white." Rice is an elite institution (ranked along with the Duke's, Emory's, and Vanderbilt's of the south). It's not clear to me that TSU occupies a similar place among HBCU's even with graduates like Mickey Leland and Barbara Jordan.

A second point of interest is that the TSU School of Communications is named after Tavis Smiley following his $1 million donation to the school. The article has some interesting items in it...the author quotes Dr. Jacqueline Fleming, formerly of Columbia University (a researcher who conducted empirical analyses of the impacts on learning for black folk in majority white institutions), who has moved to TSU to lead their student retention programs. Good stuff.

Pandora Charms

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

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