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August 05, 2005


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Great idea D*.. should make this a weekly thing...

1. When did you decide it was ok to date a Black woman with non-natural hair, and why?

(heh. i'm assuming you DO think it's OK to date a woman sporting the non-nappy)

2. Do you think a "Wakanda" will ever exist?


Whoop. Forgot to add that I THINK you're mostly a Liberal gadfly. Why? Don't know you well enough to give a coherent, QED type response. Just a hunch.


When did you decide it was ok to date a Black woman with non-natural hair, and why?

Always. When I was a child, seeing Black women in wigs was a regular occurance. My mother would do something to her natural hair, put on a cap, put on a wig, and then we would go out. At the end, she'd rip off the wig, and plop in the chair.

Do you think a "Wakanda" will ever exist?

Define "Wakanda".


Wakanda is the country where Fantastic Four ally, the Black Panther, reigns. (Comic book nerd habits finally pay off.) But I wanna take it a notch higher. Forget Wakanda...let's talk about Zamunda!

?Where'd you go to school?

?Do you speak AAVE, or more standard American vernacular?


Graduated from the Univ. of Virigina with a degree in Computer Science in the Engineering School. With my experience in high school and UVa, white people are "demystified" and I know that "the white man's ice ain't colder." IMO, too many Blacks are suffering from inferiority complex, self imposed and nationally imposed. I ain't havin' it. That's a reason why I like the Glenn Loury school of thought on social "problems."

I code switch. Right now it's mostly standard American vernacular vs. AAVE.

Great post on that one btw.


Never mind my Q re Wakanda, according to this 2002 EBONY article, it's already here. In Black Chicago.

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