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August 16, 2005


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You can do much better than that.


the commentary on booker rising barely scratches the surface on this issue...i can't say that any of that discussion approached a definition, a context or even a reasoned approach to entertaining the question.

Lester Spence

Yeah, this is backwards to me. While we can NOW ask what will COME out of black militancy other than hot air in the future--this is what i took out of p6--the question to really ask about the past is:

what would we as individuals have today WITHOUT black militancy?

in my own personal case, i wouldn't have received a phd at michigan, because the program that got me into grad school AND undergrad school were the direct byproducts of black militancy.


Lester, noted and updated.


bruh, I think you should define it since you've come to the conclusion that "hot air" has been the sole result of note.


I'm being provactive on purpose. I'll hold off for a bit.

Like I said, bear with me...


The reality that armed struggle to change the US was likely to result in death or prison was not lost on would-be militant of the late 70.

I remember Kwame Toure visiting our campus in the Fall of '78, and I think his visit touched off a campus-wide debate that led all of us to conclude that economic independence was the "new revolution." Some of it even got televised.

But it was not hot air. The vision of a police dog tearing at a black man's pant leg could make anyone militant. Back in the 1992 civil disturbance following the LAPD 4 acquittal, I felt like throwing a brick myself. But I never felt like shooting it out with the cops. My next door neighbor was LAPD, a young man with a wife and three beautiful girls. The LAPD 4 were his professional collegues, but he was not the enemy.

As cooler heads prevail, we return to the solemn work of building economic independence. Doing something "radical" thesed days means nation building, and that happens one family at a time.



Thanks ya'll. Especially lester.

Mo' comin'.

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