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August 11, 2005


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Good job fellas...cnu and the wheat shockers...yeah, that was a long trip to MIT...nice to hear about the spelunking and the roll out of the ethernet. i think one of the most important things MIT has done is the opencurriculum project that makes much of the curriculum available to anyone with an internet connection.

combining these course offerings with the works of a guy like Gatto, the $$ of your girl Oprah and some high quality instruction could pave the way for a new high-tech infusion in "hoods" across the nation.

back story is important, but is also is unimportant...because the import of the sharing lies in its intrinsic value - even when the messenger has a compelling story...thanks.

Lester Spence

Thanks! We're hitting up Lynne Johnson next.


Good job Doc as a deciple of the Rouge and a pipefitter you can easily get loss in the tunnels.

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