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August 11, 2005


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That's the way it ought to be, voting according to each candidate's declared stance(s). However, there is the slippery implication tho that a candidate isn't unduly influenced by party policy. But hardly any candidate launches a campaign in a vacuum. Normally they have (declared) party allegiances. So if it IS the case that a person can be influenced by party decree(s), then some portion of your voting consideration should focus on what's behind that party label, too.

The candidate can be thought of as merely some specific manifestation of party platform(s). Party matters.

Really, it comes down to a matter of trust. Which person-party do you think/hope/trust will best protect/promote your interests?


Unfortunately, the electorate has deteriorated into a variation of the classic personality cult. Individual personas overwhelm party themes and/or ideologies, which in turn lend the appearance of a token diversity for a given group. AAMOF, it more closely resembles collective dissonance than even pragmatism.

I suspect this pathology will continue until more voters resign their party affiliations and force additional voting reforms, i.e.; open primaries, runoffs, etc., on the state level.

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