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August 01, 2005


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given the above, do you have a sense of what approach should be taken on the continent and the caribbean, etc. with respect to transitioning out...for example, can linkages be made with deep water advocates/scientists/firms to accelerate agricultural development and spur independence from tethers of west??


Incremental local steps please..,

The end of food stamps will provoke a food security crisis and crisis is perfect for change, so the urban agricultural education and proliferation will be greatly facilitated.

Education concerning the limits of discretionary energy use come next. Provisioning of gear for low energy consumption in housing and transport will be a key growth area. To the extent some folks get ahead of the curve on that market opportunity, those folks will thrive as the market grows.


"take human bites." - that was the line in an ad for an NYC play - i guess it was during the 70's...vague recollection, but it's in there.

i feel you...thanks.


Do you have a feel for how much of current black american energy consumption is "discretionary"? To me, this is one of the larger missing pieces of thejigsaw: just how much energy consumption can we shed and still jog along?

We have to get a feel for what's feasible, and what's unduly pessimistic. If black people are going to understand the big picture, we must understand three systems and how they relate to each other:

#1. Net energy (which we presently do not collectively understand).

#2. Human nature (which - from the endless culturo-political discussions - I assume we DO NOT understand).

#3. Realpolitik (which I know we DO NOT understand). Liberal economics and conservative economics are in fact "political systems".

We must go further and faster in adapting to the reality just around the signpost up ahead, and, we must exemplify a tangible civilizing alternative to the overshot American civilization that is about to experience radical destabilization.

I'm going to let you in on a key to the enigmas of the world, but only to the extent that you Work with me here to articulate it.

"Discretionary" energy consumption triggers dopamine production in our brains. Any attempt in the US to eliminate "discretionary" energy consumption, will cause Americans to be "unhappy"
because they have become accustomed to these very high levels of discretionary energy consumption and dopamine production. The sudden withdrawal of brain dopamine will cause the same social conditions in America that led to Hitler's Germany. This is not ideology or speculation, it's simple applied psychology.

Black folks have become addicted to HIGH levels of energy consumption/dopamine production too. Our volitional and intentional reductions will lead to some unhappiness - but we're better able to accomplish this adaptive development.

Americans have become addicted to still HIGHER levels of energy consumption/dopamine addiction and reduction in the general populace will cause unhappiness and political instability here. In other words, for the American status quo, there is no "discretionary" energy consumption --energy consumption is intrinsic to the collective psychology and political system of Americaness.

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