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August 26, 2005


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Does T. D. Jakes deserve to be put into the same category as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Lewis Farrakhan?

What category is that?

Is T.D. Jakes leading Christians astray?

Unlikely, if he ever actually encounters one.

As to whether he's leading his his Potters House followers astray - what baseline do you find his speechifying at odds with?


"Preacher got my Old Earth puttin money in the pan
For the rest of the week now I'm eatin out a soup can
He has a home, drives his Caddy through town
Has my old earth believin that he's comin from the ground (Jesus)
Slain are those who fought for what was right
Slayed are those who fell victim to the pipe
A drug controlled substance, contained in a vial
Set up by the devil as he looks and he smiles
Good at the game of tricknology
But I have knowledge of myself you're not foolin me
You see, the answer to me is black unity
Unification, to help our bad situation"

Food for thought from the Brand Nubians. TD Jakes. I really like that name...not for me and mine, but it seems to really suit him.


T.D. Jakes fits squarely into the "jackleg preacher" category (or certified rambler). Many Christians in my family find him "obscene", "stupid", "ignorant", and "flat out dumb" (just to quote a few terms). Al, Jesse, and Louis aren't jackleg preachers by a long shot. They are able to come out of the pulpit and speak sensibly about a variety of issues. Ol' Jakes just hustlin'.


T-Steel defines the category well.

The pastors of my church love the man and his message.

I'm just asking because he is in the news right now.


No, you're not just asking. You're never just asking. What was your basis for association? Media coverage?


Not presuming to answer for Ed, but interestingly to me, Jakes was in the news this past week for eschewing GOP overtures to the Potters House ministry...,


Pat Robertson is worse than all the black preachers you mentioned, combined.

The black church is all about praise. Your "christian-ness" is determined by how many different ways you can praise.

But as this latest hurricane proves once again, if there is a god, it is aloof to the happenings on this insignificant planet.


You're never just asking. What was your basis for association? Media coverage?

Media coverage just a little. More has to do with my "local circle of life" discussions concerning mega churches, TD Jakes and the Potter House, the effect of mega churches on faith.

Concerning Pat Robertson, definitely agree.

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