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August 13, 2005


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Lester Spence

Have you ever read THE HERO AND THE BLUES? Donnell dropped it on me. Reading this was one of the things that took me beyond ideology--beyond nationalism. At some point you've got to go to the woodshed by yourself, deal with your fears, your frailties, and over come them.

And no vision of blackness will take you through it.


Well there's another thing we have in common. That's my favorite album by Wynton, and I have played that song over and over and over. I practically have it memorized.


"There are some of us who do not accept the dreams of dragons as their own, no matter how grand those dragons might say they are."

First ran across the lyrics in a track by Ludovic Llorca.


It is my official theme song.



our list of commonalities is growing...

lks, i'll check that piece out...my thanks to mr. walton...you're both right, at the bottom of it all is that sojourn of the ONE with the self to the bottom of it all - and there will be no company along for the right, no tutors, no mentors, no friends, no enemies - just you and who you believe you are and who you shall remain or who will become.


While the "self-mastery" line was tantamount to a clarion call, a line that I always felt was equally formidable was the line, "...and when you swallow that dragon dust cooperatively you reveal yourself as a chump, a sucker..." In these politically challenging times, it seems that many folk do so quite willingly. The resonance of this entire work is truly remarkable.


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