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August 13, 2005


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Actually, this is not such an overlooked classic...it's one of the most reviewed pieces of cultural literature in the history of the modern US...http://www.halcyon.com/piglet/Populism.htm

The Wizard of Oz is a revealing look into several aspects of Americana. Not unlike Walt Disney's cartoons and Dr. Seuss, these cats usually had a larger social agenda that was only palatable to larger audiences as parables.

Funny parables get television and movies, not-so-funny parables get you time on the cross and a crown of thorns.

Lester Spence

I'm not talking about The Wizard of Oz...I'm talking about The Wiz.

But the link you set out made the tie even deeper. Where The Wizard of Oz was about painting this gleeming portrait of urban industrial society, and perhaps here the Wicked Witch becomes the rural enemy of urban progress.

The Wiz was about taking that chrome cover off.


It's been about 20-25 years since i saw the wiz...i saw it on broadway as a young fella and don't really remember much except for stephanie mills bringin' the vocals from DEEEEEEP...a wooooooooorrrrrrld fulllll of looooooove, like your's, like mine. to my recollection, the story was the same.


The Wiz is one of the first movies I remember my mother taking me to while she was in college. the flying monkies had me going for a minute there.

the Emerald City Sequence, as it's known on the album, is actually kinda hot. i listen to that joint on the regular. i was never a really big fan of the wiz, although i suppose i may try to jump on the dvd when i get a chance. it's been at least 20 years

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