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August 29, 2005


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just as a point of information, in NYC we are blessed to have Gil Noble's show Like It Is which addresses local, regional, national and international issues of interest to black folk. Gil Nobles' perspective is no doubt african-centered and nationalist while being thoughtful and reflective of the nuances that attend issues...he asks tough questions to those in the camp and out...and he asks difficult questions about operations, finances, media engagement, accountability, etc. that often go unaddressed.

it's an hour and is seldom long enough...after that, I have no patience for the foolishness that is ABF. that show is like a neo-minstrel version of crossfire where folks only discuss issues from an anachronistic 'Please Include Me - How Can I Be Down?' perspective. yuuuuuck!!


now I wish I'd caught the episode you mentioned. thanks for the link.

Lester Spence

i don't know them fools. don't be putting "we" in there.

johnson had beefs with bob johnson--even before it was clear that BET was just a booty shaking cash cow for bj. his mindset was highlanderish to say the least.

the real problem here is that oprah was a bit too professional in her response. she should have said what was the truth--that jj didn't want anyone else "competing."


i don't know them fools. don't be putting "we" in there.

sho's you right..., shoulda just said "why black billionaires fail!" ROTFLMBAO!!!

next time you got the inside scoop Spence, use your bully pulpit to shame foolz into being wise stewards of the manifold blessings they've received..., instead of coonshow oddities who fail themselves and the blackness bestowed upon them by their ancestors...,

dayyum! yet another monkey wrench thrown into expectations of the afrostocratic elite..,

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