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September 07, 2005


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Wow, good luck with that. Is the baby consuming formula or breastmilk? Is that a factor at all?

I had a cousin who lost a baby to SIDS, but "positional asphyxia" was not yet a term in the lexicon. My babies, born before and after my cousin's baby in the '80s, both slept on their stomachs. By the time my newphew came along in 2000, sleeping on their backs was what doctors recommended for babies.


Breast milk, which is supposed to be better, acid wise.


A friend of mine who's baby had reflux put her to sleep in the car seat. It kept baby's head elevated enough to help relieve some of the discomfort. I've stuffed books under my kids' mattresses to elevate their heads when they had colds. Might work in your case.

From what I've read scientists still aren't really sure what causes SIDS. But it seems to have a cultural link. In countries where it's common for babies to sleep in bed with their mothers the SIDS rate is lower than it is here.


We have a strange kid. About 14 minutes in the seat, and he starts to fuss. Once he realizes he's in the seat if he's asleep, that's it.

He used to sleep on top of my wife. Now he has more head and neck control and strength, so he is sleeping in the bassinet. The bottom doesn't raise, so we couldn't put something underneath the bottom. It does have a mattrites, but raising that didn't seem to be a good idea.

This weekend is another family function. I'll get more elder words of wisdom there.

I just find this really interesting.

Oh, and on SIDS...

Two medical professionals in my family said that there is a belief that many cases of SIDS is actually infanticide.

I expect to see a friend of the family who is a peditrician. I can't wait to hear her view.

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