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September 16, 2005


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This is the same president who claimed that Iraq and Al-Qaeda are allies and that the former possessed WMD's that are a clear and present threat to American security. It's called expedience

Being real, you'd have to suffer total amnesia concerning his ENTIRE political career, from governor forward in order to take ANYTHING he said last night at face value.

On the realest level, it's demonstrated policies, priorities, and practices that define his politics.

George Bush doesn't care about black people!

The scripted platitudes written for him as a damage control panacea don't matter for shit unless you're childishly naive and simple. Obviously, there are a lot of folks living in just such conditions of reality denial.


Can't be stated any more perfectly than this;

Bush has always been the rich white man's president. He is the CEO president, the megacorporate businessman's friend, the thug of the religious right, a big reservoir-tipped condom for all energy magnates, protecting against the nasty STDs of humanitarianism and progress and social responsibility.

anything else emanating from his slowly and deliberately teleprompted piehole is merely expedient conversation....,


yes, Craig...Bush is all of that, and a mouldy bag of blue chips. but this addresses content not motivation. his self-serving ulterior motives are not the issue just now. fact is, he said all the things that EVERYBODY (erm, mainstream America) wanted/needed to hear. If he actually comes through with the funding (estimates now reaching 200B!), it's game over as far as the mainstream masses are concerned. as far as mainstream white america is concerned, it's the last "gift." and the *last* (only?) mea culpa.


cnulan, I must respectfully disagree with you.

Iraq had ties to al Qaeda going back to the early 1990s. And while the subject is at hand, Saddam did have wmd, it is simply unaccounted for. I explain why on my blog in "Regime Change in Iraq - and Why". It took me some time and effort to do it, so I hope that you consider taking a look.


Is that cool or what?


Well, sonofa... V is right about the N Korea thing. Good for George...and the world.

This should've been the administration's first priority tho. Valence, which of the world's most awful dictators do you think the US should next send its armies to eliminate?

Heavy is the crown of World Liberator, Defender of Freedoom.


Sir_V, I'll take your word for it on Iraq over Colin Powell's simply because you failed to provide a link and I'm not going to go looking for your blog in order to trudge through another post hoc rationalization of the adminstrations rationale that doesn't first and foremost take into consideration net energy and our situation in light of the same.

As for North Korea, I think it's tragic and simultaneously informative that the industrial hemisphere of Korea was finally brought to its knees in a microcosmic post Peak Oil scenario that will doubtless also be coming soon to a state in the union near you.

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