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September 02, 2005


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Yeah so let's see if Democrats recommend price controls.


Price controls?

Didn't President Nixon do that?


Only people who live in places that have excellent mass transit can wrongheadedly refer to others as fools for seeking to gas up before another gas spike. The state of Michigan, according to the media, suffered one of the biggest of these "spikes." The governor has requested the Feds (don't laugh) to investigate. People are well aware of the manufactured rolling blackouts in Cali by Enron execs. We know that the "fix" on the pump prices is in. However, we still must get to work, take kids to daycare, take folk medicine as well as to the hospital, etc. Only a complete moron would ignore this reality; thus, revealing who truly is the fool.


I live in an area where mass transit doesn't exist.

"Mob mentality" is kicking in and it is not rational. It is irrational and it is causing stations to run out of gas.

Right now, there are 3 stations in my area. One has run out of regular and mid grade gas. A second has run out of regular grade gas. The third has the highest prices of the 3 and now has a line.

The other two had lines earlier today.

Yes, people are behaving foolishly.


As I said, here in Detroit, the gas spike is tantamount to "gouging." When the gas goes from $2.49 to $3.29 (20 cents shy of an entire dollar), and you factor in everyone's understanding that this kakistocracy is not only in bed but coitally occupied with big oil, it makes perfect sense to get the gas before the price escalates once again. Check the facts. No metro Detroit nor Michigan station has run out of gas. And everyone I've witnessed was cool, calm, and collected. When gas rockets up 80 cents overnight, good luck trying to buy them out. When gas goes up that fast someone's getting rich. Now, perhaps were you live (However, I distinctly recall reading that you live in or around DC, which has mass transit) and Lks calling you out 'bout why you two have yet to met), the oil companies decided to "manufacture" empty stations, akin to the "manufactured" California rolling blackouts. Yet the same bahavior you've witnessed simply does not hold true everywhere.

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