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September 19, 2005


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That's cool, but I generally don't have much use for white folks recounting American history and how it relates to collective amnesia...precisely, because these accounts inexorably lead back to some mythical time in American history that never existed.

For this cat, it's the time of FDR and Truman. For most Democrats, it's about the same time. For Marxists, it's the time just before Rockefeller and others put their cash tentacles into John Dewey and his crew. In any case, the prism through which these folks lament is colored as white as a piece of 8 1/2 x 11, 93 Bright Hammermill paper.

I can get with much of where he is coming from - but on the real, the US was always intended to mirror the military empire of Rome...it's a REPUBLIC...it ain't a democracy - ain't never been one; ain't gonna be one - 'cept at the most local level - and even that comes with caveats. Forgetting seems to be more fundamental to American identity than Carroll imagines. After all, what do we need to forget about American international power and FDR of the 1940's in order to embrace him in a world where black folk couldn't vote and intimate relations with South Africa, the Congo and other nations were being strengthened. Too much for me. No thanks. I'll keep the baby, but the bath water smells like piss.


So tell me how you REALLY feel about the historical and intellectual integrity of neocon black REPUBLICANS cheerleading the REPUBLIC'S just-so-stories about democratic nation-building?

On second thought, don't. LOL!!!!!

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