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September 26, 2005


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If you were evera part of a story from beginning to end and then read it in the press you will soon realize that the media plays a key role in a free society.The media must be deversified to get the truth,some reporters will not go in to certain area's and laziness creep in "make it up".


20 years later, most Americans believe Farrakhan called Judaism "a gutter religion." The day the controversy broke, ABC News played a video of the portion the speech in question, and it was clear that he didn't say what was attributed to him, yet I never saw that clip aired again, and no one ever went back and straightened it out.

Michael Irvin was accused of raping a woman, and he was so adamant that the charges were false, he dared the media to re-run it, re-play it when the facts came out. 2 days later, when the woman was found to have submitted a false police report, many in the media went back and said, "my bad."

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