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September 30, 2005


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Legendary Detroiter Steve Smith created the center at MSU but whats is not commanly known,funded and created a park with hoops in Conant Gardens the neihborhood where he hone his patent fake behind the back dribble.We need more Steve Smith.


Steve was always the man. I remember one of his best games was when he was still at MSU. It was in the NCAAs against a Georgia Tech team that had Dennis Scott, Brian Oliver and Kenny Anderson (1990). They were going back and forth all game. MSU lost in OT - there was some controversy in the game, but Steve was BALLIN'. He could do it all - and he did it with dignity and grace.


Temple 3 MSUvs GEO tech was the famous clock,giving Georgia more time they won in o/t.Sidebar to the game the other guard was Mark Montgomery for MSU him and LKS played on the same cyo team.


I knew the refs did something wrong, but I couldn't remember what it was. I was rooting for Tech in that game, but they shouldn't have won. I think MSU underestimated the skillz of the big 3 on that Tech team. They were really a strong squad that pushed UNLV to the limit - until they decided to throw the Duke game for whatever minimal compensation they received.

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