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October 02, 2005


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I think that's right on the money. There was a similar article in either Fortune or Wired not too long ago. I certainly think the critical mass has been gathered and has sufficient momentum to complete the move. Google is snatching folks from Microsoft at a frenetic pace. They are taking the leading minds and paradigm makers at MS. Longhorn is still in the works and folks are moving beyond the MS paradigm. MS' desperation is obvious. It's a great parallel because IBM was sitting on a gold mine and didn't make the connections. I suppose my next question would be if IBM morphed into a services firm, what is next for MS? It won't be corporate services. I don't see a future in peddling software. The OS game is up. If the particular expertise of MS is not on the creative side, but on the M&A side or the buy side of software development, their future is contingent on the creativity of external players and an ability to incorporate killer apps faster than Google and others. The stars are not aligned for a favorable outcome. They are by no means washed up, but a fall from grace is in the offing.

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