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October 19, 2005


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What does it mean that this service will be available in 8 nations in Europe?


It means that Google will have the more advanced business model and that in 10 years they'll be selling it to the publishers.

But it also says a great deal about the insularity of the publishing market. So I'll take a swipe at academics and suggest they are to blame for keeping their information locked up...


thanks cobb.

Fortune magazine has an article about how the film industry is embracing bittorrent...i didn't get all the way through it. i was waiting for the hard copy. from what you're saying, it seems like publishers will find themselves in a situation akin to RIAA - a war they can't win.

the unanswered aspect of my question, though, is does this mean that i can, from a desktop in BK, download books at a google site in Denmark or Germany without worrying about the copywright issues laid down by US publishers?


From what I understand about the Google venture, only a small portion of each publication will be downloadable for reading. While the publications themselves are contributions from public libraries, the AAP's argument is Google is using the content for commercial purposes. A similar argument was used against Napster, citing the network's central node was in fact a database of potential commercial value.

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