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November 06, 2005


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TM Lutas

What I need out of Donald Trump is for him to get his lazy ass off his couch where he's admiring the decor and go out and create jobs. Once an incredibly talented and productive man has enough to feed himself, his family, and pass down a legacy to the 3rd generation, what motivation is there to work further? Once you've created your first 50,000 jobs, why should you do it again?

The interest of the working man is that all excess labor currently idled by ignorance, bad law, and political brutality be put to work doing something so that there is no more ability for management to threaten to put some of that unutilized labor to work at your job unless you agree to this or that wage or benefit concession.

If getting Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Jack Welch off their respective couches and continuing to generate further sustainable jobs far in excess than government has demonstrated that it can do requires that they get another overpriced art bauble or two, well, that's just the price of doing business.

Now I admit that you can put a gun behind Trump's ear and make him show up to work without the high pay. But don't think that his heart is going to be in it or that he'll put in the kind of performance that filthy lucre has wrung out of him. It's been tried, many times, and is always a miserable failure.

As for marketing, I'm not sure that I know of anybody who thinks that it's entirely ineffective. There is a different moral status between persuading somebody and manipulating them. Marketing as persuader is not immoral. Marketing as manipulator is. So where's the line?

Measuring market efficiency really isn't useful in a vacuum. If a market is 30% efficient from an engineering standpoint but its only systemic competitors are 10%, 5%, and 1% efficient, you can honestly say that the free market is efficient, in fact it is far and away the most efficient system even from an engineering standpoint. The internal combustion engine (an engineering problem if there ever was one) is massively wasteful, never more than 30% real world efficient and often sporting efficiency in the low 20% range. Until there's something better that is practical, we'll still use ICE in its most efficient variants.

Finally, there is no reason why the market has to be limited to this spherical planet. If the market can profit from asteroid mining, it will fund it, and the cheap launch and landing technologies necessary to that profit.

Eventually we'll all die from the heat death of the universe or the big crunch will take us no matter what economic system we choose. I wouldn't worry too much about the laws of thermodynamics in this lifetime, though.


There is a different moral status between persuading somebody and manipulating them. Marketing as persuader is not immoral. Marketing as manipulator is. So where's the line?

You crossed it with this true believer's paean to market fictions. Sorry TM, these meme's don't wear very well in the face of ominous and omnipresent effects of declining net energy.

time for an intervention...,

Five Fundamental Errors of economic just-so storytelling...,

or just go straight to the motherlode and be freed from the immorality of fallacious manipulation...,

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