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November 03, 2005


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I completely agree that Liberals can be taken out of context as well as Conservatives. There is, however, another possibility: misinterpretation. For example, in the case of Ms. Jones, she very well may have just said "Republicans," but in the context of the interview and the topic at hand the reported understiid her to be talking specifically about black Republicans.

Unfortunately, the tendency for the press to insinuate themselves into the political, choose sides and then tailor the news to match has created an environment where both sides automatically assume bias and intentional distortion are the causes for inaccuracies. And this is not only sad, but potentially dangerous.

I do not think I'm alone, however, in noting the almost doublespeak involved in justifying of characature a black man as a minstrel and then condemning racially tinged criticism in the very next sentence. Oh, I get it, it's only "racially tinged criticism" if someone else were doing it.

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