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November 20, 2005


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Steele is unapolgetically Republican, but he knows that black voters are basically ignorant of the Republican party. So he says focus on me. That doesn't mean he is independent of the party.


He's doing this statewide, not just in Black areas.

He's trying to figure out a way to beat the Dem:Repub 2:1 registration. By using the "vote for the man" line, he's trying to offset the Republican tag.

Ehrlich (R) won because Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (D) was a horrible candidate. Ehrlich stated that if Martin O'Malley had been the Dem. candidate, he would not have entered the race.


I'm not sure if Steele is receiving adequate support from his party. I don't see the Governor, for instance, doing much publicly on his lieutenant's behalf. Granted voter registrations in Maryland run 2:1 against Republicans, you'd think in such a high-profile contest Steele would be the recipient of significantly more money from the GOP's national mechanism than what's been received to date.

But... on to his campaign!

I think Mike Steele's bright enough to understand Gov. Ehrlich, President Bush and prevaling GOP politics are all gigantic political negatives in a run for Sarbanes' seat and has to delicately distance himself from all three albatrosses. I know he's a capable executive from his days as the state's party chairman. I can also accept his occasional GOP talking points recitations as part of his j-o-b. But his campaign for Senate will have to provide policy substance over ideological window dressing in order to be successful.

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