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November 04, 2005


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If no WMD's, IED's will do!


"The Pentagon said it is considering putting a more senior officer in charge of a task force set up last year to deal with the homemade bombs. The United States said it was also adding more experts to the effort.

The Pentagon said more than half of all U.S. casualties in Iraq stem from homemade bombs, which are often buried along a road or hidden inside debris or even animal carcasses and usually detonated by remote control or with a timer."

Homemade? Such an odd choice of words to reveal the indigenous production model believed to be at the root of the problem. I guess that means Iran will have to be occupied as well. house to house; door to door; heart to heart; mind to mind??

If these conservatives would stop being such LDP (long distance puncks), they could simply relocate the folks living in the RED STATES and move them to Iraq and Iran (even Syria) as settlers to stabilize the situation. All you need is a pimped out exile to call for an influx of technology and education professionals (CIA folks, ha ha) to come in and rebuild the infrastructure. Phase III Settler Colonialism. It would be like the Crusades...only Americans wouldn't fight it from the comfort of their living room sofa - but from a jebel outside Tikrit or Tehran...bring the SUV, the satellite dish, build some Home Depots...after a while, you could build some housing projects for the local population...ya know - really trick it out.

By the way, ain't no mo plays in that playbook. Straight dive plays for the rest of the term...

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