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December 27, 2005


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I don't think Maryland or any other state will have too much to worry about in 2014. There is enough money - and enough jobs on the line for this all to get worked out, without anyone being hurt except for children. I'm sure teachers and administrators will emerge unscathed - as will institutional budgets. Dumbing down tests happened before NCLB - and it will happen after NCLB. Teachers and administrators also will continue to cheat on tests and sign over huge contracts for text books that do nothing to educate children. NCLB, as bad as it is, unfortunately doesn't begin to melt any ice of this intractable problem. Thanks for the heads up though.


I have also read that the "Texas Miracle," the basis for NCLB, has turned out to be something of a farce as well.

Face it, as long as there are 50 different education standards, testing results will be iffy. My baby bro is working on his dissertation in Mathematics Education at UCLA (finished his coursework and passed his comps.) He's told me that nations that excel in math education have a single, national standard for education. I seriously doubt the US will ever get to that.

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