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December 01, 2005


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Steve Barton

That is the darn truth about Murtha -- his TV appearances give me the idea that he is seriously confused. And his message to our Armed Forces is the worst: thanks for your blood and toil, and all the progress you've made, but I'd rather give up than support your mission anymore -- so we'll leave now when we still have a good chance to see your work go down the tubes (wait another 6 months and it'll probably be too late for the bad guys).

Man, I don't remember charges about troop morale back in Clinton's day, but it must have happened. I reflexively opposed most everything he did -- Haiti won't work, Bosnia won't work etc. Turned out Bosnia did work, except when we left the UN in charge. And Haiti isn't fixed, but Clinton's commitment there was not awful. The loonies' frothing over Bush made me reconsider how far around the bend I had gone over Clinton. And everything that flows from the mouth of John Kerry has made me appreciate Clinton even more.

The most important thing in war is to win. (gee, it's the key to troop morale, too) And we are about to win -- an election and real government for the Iraqis. Things may not work out great and unravel (down the road a piece), but the Iraqis have shown real courage and a desire to live free. We can be proud of what we've done over there.

All the best, Steve Barton

p.s. I found mdcbowen.org/cobb through a search for some Kwanzaa comments. Nor sure how all of these good looking web pages are tied together or who I am writing to (E. Brown, M.D.C. Bowen?), but I will come back to see more.

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