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January 16, 2006


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Finally able to register!

Maaaaaan! My wife and I are huge fans of the show. This is one of those shows that is so good, I delay watching it because I know I'm going to be sucked in (I have the cable-issued DVR--soon to be a satellite customer with the DVR package)

A few things:

Definitely an inside job. The Middle-eastern terrorists are just a front group for someone wanting political payback inside the beltway for Palmer's ballsy policy on handling terrorism.

The dude calling all the shots in that dark room has to be a former CTA badge.

The acting president is a PUNK (straight up!}.

Was that Samwise from Lord of the Rings?

I am hoping that they do away with all of the love triangle crap that was going on last season.

Did I say that the acting president is a punk?

Otherwise, this is probably the ONLY network tv show that my wife and I look at on a regular basis.I am practically standing up most of the show because the suspense is great.



I didn't like the president based on his being a punk last season.

I don't think that the ex-prez is dead.

That was Samwise from LOR.

For me, the shows I see are this one, Everyone Hates Chris, and Law & Order.

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